Serving Your Clients With Excellent Attorney Referrals: A Guide for Real Estate Agents

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As a real estate professional, you’re the go-to resource for families and individuals buying or selling their homes — and each of these scenarios can offer plenty of challenges to homeowners. Miscommunication between buyers and lenders, unexpected encumbrances on the property, and the stress of meeting the long-term costs of home-buying are just a few examples. The intersection of real estate and law is where many of these issues find resolution – and may be the key to providing unparalleled client support during these major life changes. 

Welcome to the first article in our six-part guide exploring the unique position that North Carolina real estate agents occupy for their clients. Here, we’ll set the stage by exploring the role of real estate agents as trusted experts, and guiding you on best practices for providing additional value to your clients through thoughtful attorney referrals. 

How North Carolina Real Estate Law Benefits You 

As a North Carolina license holder, you’re already familiar with the requirement that an attorney be involved in all real estate transactions statewide. Each process has complex legal obligations and nuances that must be addressed by closing day. Attorneys possess the necessary expertise to execute these behind-the-scenes tasks, including:

  • Communicating with lenders to verify all lending requirements are met prior to closing day

  • Researching and reviewing the title of the property to ensure accuracy and validation

  • Customizing the sale-purchase contract for each specific client

  • Completing and confirming all legal requirements have been met to ensure a valid transfer can be made

Attorneys smooth the legal “bumps” in the road to buying and selling a client’s home. The legal requirement to involve them in real estate transactions can work as a strategic value add to your already robust, excellent agency services and create a mutually beneficial partnership that helps North Carolina homeseekers.     

Because all future homeowners have to find a reliable attorney, real estate agents have the unique opportunity to connect their clients with thoughtful, exemplary attorney referrals. You’ll prove your dedication to building connections for your clients and improving their overall buying experiences. 

How To Spot a Superior Real Estate Attorney

Ready to take advantage of this chance to aid and support your clients? Keep these factors in mind when vetting potential attorney referrals. 

Transparency & Relatability  

Throughout the real estate process, one thing many clients frequently report is a lack of humanity from legal staff. Many attorneys focus solely on the technicalities of their side of the job. Failing to put the client experience first by communicating with honesty and transparency leads to confusion and stress throughout the transaction. 

Superior real estate attorneys take time to learn about their clients and understand the process from their perspective. 

Experience Matters 

In the real estate field, it’s essential for lawyers to engage in consistent client work to stay up to date with state and local real estate laws. Only choose attorneys with years of experience serving all different types of future homeowners, as these are the candidates most likely to deliver outstanding results for your own clients. It’s ok to advise your client to avoid using the services of a “family friend” who rarely does work in real estate. 

Advanced Legal Service Offerings 

Law firms with years of established experience offer multiple services. The most qualified attorneys can stick with clients through thick and thin to help them with any other legal matters that may need to be handled down the road, such as estate planning to protect their legacy or probate in the event of a death in the family. Someone who is engaged in the community often has a strong referral base for other issues that may arise. 

Questions To Consider 

When offering valuable attorney referrals to future homeowners, it’s important to choose only the most accomplished practices. Use these questions to hold open and productive conversations with potential client connections.

  • What are your credentials? Right off the bat, make doubly sure that the attorney you’re talking to has the necessary licensure to practice in the real estate field. This question will also open the floor for the attorney to talk about any additional training they received in this area and give you an idea of their level of commitment. 
  • What experience do you have working with real estate clients? Even if you did your research on their track record, ask the team up front about their experiences. Their response will tell you a lot about how much work they’ve put in to build a satisfied client base. 
  • How do you build client relationships? To dig deeper into the attorney’s typical processes, ask about their partnership-building skills. Do they treat each client with humanity and respect?
  • How do you communicate with your clients? Communication is key to making clients feel heard and understood throughout the (oftentimes stressful) buying process. 

  • What values do you put first in your practice? Any qualified real estate attorney can get the job done, but the best candidates approach their clients from a place of loyalty, integrity, and honesty. The goal here is to add undeniable value to your client’s experience — so make sure every referral you deliver meets these principles before all else. 

Warmth, Compassion, and Expert Service With Heart

The majority of Shepard Law clients begin their journey with us in the real estate sector, thanks to our experience and the reputation we’ve built in the community over years of service — but even after the home is bought or sold, their journey with us is far from over. We treat every client who walks through our door like we would our own loved one by providing each of them and their families legal guidance throughout their lifetime. Our team is here, with an open mind and a full heart, ready to address the legal challenges that inevitably arise as you reach each important life milestone.

Don’t settle for anything less than total support and compassion from your real estate attorney partners. Contact Shepard Law to learn more about what makes us an excellent client referral choice. In our next article, we’ll explore the value to real estate agents of having an engaged real estate lawyer as a strategic partner.