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What is a Gun Trust?

A Gun Trust is a way to transfer the title of firearms into a legal holding separate from the owner’s personal name. This legal holding protects the owner of heavily regulated assets as well as future heirs to the included weapons. A Gun Trust is encouraged during estate planning as it is useful when guns or other weapons are part of the estate inheritance.

Why You Need A Gun Trust in North Carolina

A Gun Trust can simplify the management and transfer of firearms as well as protect the identity of weapons owners. Many gun collectors choose to set up a Gun Trust to protect their identity and help prevent accusation of felony violations which can more easily occur in the case of weapons ownership. Additionally, certain weapons purchases are not possible without the title placed in a Gun Trust.

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Reasons to Set Up
a Gun Trust


If you plan to bequeath weapons to an heir, a Gun Trust ensures a smoother, legally responsible transfer.


By placing firearms titles in a Gun Trust, your name is not as easily associated with weapons ownership.


In some cases, it is federal law to own and operate a firearm and other weapons only through a Gun Trust.

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