Testate Probate

Give your family members guidance in the distribution of your estate with a valid Will. 

About Testate Probate Administration

Probate administration, deemed “testate”, means the deceased had a valid Will upon passing that can be applied during probate. In contrast, “intestate” probate means there is no valid Will available for the deceased. Whether the deceased dies testate or intestate determines the type of probate proceedings that follow.

In the presence of a Will, testate probate proceedings are usually simplified because the Will and its appointed executor offers directives to the heirs and executor on behalf of the deceased individual. 

Why is Testate Probate Administration Important?

Testate probate is optimal because in the presence of a Will, you ensure your wishes will be carried out in a much smoother legal proceeding than without a Will. Testate probate prevents a host of complicated estate decisions and burdensome responsibilities on family members. Having the presence of a Will gives your family members guidance in the distribution of your estate, and alleviates the need for additional legal proceedings.

Testate Probate Steps
With a Valid Will

1.Contact an Attorney

Be prepared to present your attorney with the following documentation: the signed Will, a death certificate, a paid-in-full funeral bill, and a list of heirs and their contact information. 

2.Documentation Review

You will need to provide information on the debts and assets, introduce any new documentation or information into discovery, and timely sign all of the prepared probate documents. 

3.Finalize the Estate

You will close out the estate with the attorney, distributing the assets and proving where the assets have gone. Your last step will be to sign the Final Accounting document. 

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