NC Small Estate Administration

Reduce or simplify probate for a small estate in North Carolina.

Small Estate Administration in North Carolina

It’s possible to dramatically shorten probate proceedings if your North Carolina estate does not exceed a certain size or value as determined by the state. Qualifying estates may benefit from simplified probate proceedings, which can require fewer details and shorten the time span necessary to complete all the tasks. 

It is important, however, to consult a North Carolina probate attorney to determine if your estate qualifies for small estate administration, which is also called a Collection by Affidavit. While the small estate process may be a simplified approach for distributing assets, there are several other factors to consider before proceeding. Small estates often still involve a variety of complex details and therefore may require more than a Collection by Affidavit to legally transfer your assets. 

Why Small Estate Administration is Important

If your estate qualifies as a small estate per the North Carolina state guidelines, it may mean the estate does not require the same level of probate as one of higher value or complexity. While small estate administration could save you time and money in the process of transferring assets, it is not a shortcut to the lengthier probate process. It is important to speak with a North Carolina probate attorney to determine whether or not you qualify for small estate administration. 

Qualifications for
Small Estate Administration in NC

Total Estate Value

The estate must be valued at less than $20,000 (less than $30,000 for surviving spouses).

Timeframe Restrictions

Small estate administration proceedings cannot begin until 30 days after the date of death.

Personal Properties

Assets such as bank accounts, cars, and other personal property must not exceed $20,000 (excluding real property).

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