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What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process through which property ownership is transferred into the hands of its rightful new owners after someone dies. During probate, the court attributes value to assets and ensures property and possessions are given to the rightful recipients. This is also the point at which any outstanding debts of the decedent are paid. The probate process is often complicated and confusing, and requires an extensive amount of legal paperwork to be completed in order to resolve your case.


The variables contributing to the cost and duration of your case are largely determined by three factors:

General preparedness of the deceased person
Level of cooperation from the heirs
Amount of assets and debts being evaluated

Hiring a Probate Attorney in North Carolina


Whether you have been named the executor of an estate, or you wish to become the legal executor of an estate without a Will, chances are you are going to have questions. Due to the complex and time consuming nature of the probate process, many executors choose to hire legal representation in probate matters despite the fact that it is not legally required by the state of North Carolina. One of the common challenges you might face when handling probate matters without attorney representation, is the lack of guidance from the court system. Unfortunately, employees of the North Carolina court system are legally forbidden to offer any help or legal advice to those who are going through the probate process alone.

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Our Process

We want to make the estate planning process as simple as possible for our clients. When you work with our
attorneys you can expect your estate plan to be completed in three simple steps.


Prior to your consultation, we will ask you to gather several documents for us to review together. These documents include the Will, death certificate, paid-in-full funeral bill, and the contact information (phone and address) of all heirs named in the will.


During your initial meeting, either in person or via phone, we will review the documents, which will allow us to determine how much help you need, what you would like to accomplish, and talk through any of your questions or concerns.

3.Drafting & Filing Paperwork

After the consultation, our attorneys will take over the heavy lifting. We will draft the legal paperwork and bring you into the office to sign and notarize. We will go to court on your behalf to determine if any additional steps are needed to resolve your case.

Client Testimonials

"I enjoyed working with the Shepard Law staff. Candice Shepard is very knowledgeable and even more important, accessible! I will definitely continue working with them.”

- Carol

“What we anticipated to be a difficult process was painless due to Mrs. Shepard's knowledge and experience. We would highly recommend her.”

- Bridget

"Ms. Shepard did an excellent job regarding my ownership transfer documentation. Her work was efficient, quick and it was absolutely correct the first time. I highly recommend her legal services.”

- Robert

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Whether you are ready to begin the probate process, or you need help determining if a probate attorney is right for you, Shepard Law is here to help. Both of our offices in Charlotte and Concord, NC can assist clients throughout Cabarrus County, North Carolina, and beyond regarding NC law. 

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