How Real Estate Agents Benefit from Strong Attorney Partnerships

A Picture off a house showing how Real Estate Agents Benefit from Strong Attorney Partnerships

In our previous installment in this series, we explored the many benefits of providing thoughtful attorney referrals to your clients. By actively seeking out the most reliable legal counsel in the field, you’ll be known as a well-connected and trustworthy expert who ensures that each transaction goes smoothly.

It’s clear that having a trusted real estate attorney referral on deck is one of the best ways to benefit your clients, but this asset also provides added value to your business. Read on to learn how a trusted real estate attorney partner will promote your services, improve your client relationships, mitigate common communication errors, and streamline your ongoing client work. 

Avoiding Common Real Estate Attorney Pitfalls

Real estate attorneys work behind the scenes to meet all legal requirements prior to each closing date. Performing these tasks takes a great amount of knowledge and past experience. However, true masters go beyond procedures and paperwork when navigating these complex deals. Here are some of the most frequent home buyer or seller pain points that some attorneys fail to consider — and that a trusted attorney partner will help you and your clients bypass:  

  • Sense of detachment: During such a pivotal moment in their lives as a home purchase or sale, clients greatly appreciate connection and encouragement from the professionals they work with. In their encounters with real estate attorneys, clients are often disheartened by dry communication that discourages dialogue and questions and reduces the potential for a positive experience. 

  • No agent credit: While attorneys may be laser-focused on getting their part of a real estate transaction squared away, they’re not necessarily required to fulfill a partner role by putting in a good word about your agency services — even if you referred their clients. 

  • Unapproachable language: North Carolina’s legal guidelines for real estate transactions are in place to prevent scams, prove property ownership, and protect home assets. Since it’s their area of expertise, real estate attorneys know the ins and outs of these requirements. However, legal information can be inaccessible to the typical buyer or seller without a law degree. Many attorneys are brilliant, but don’t take the time to educate their clients on each procedure in a way they will understand. 

How Real Estate Partners Go Above and Beyond  

Establishing relationships with the best real estate attorneys in the business will pay off majorly for both you and your clients. Here’s how excellent real estate partners create a foundation of trust and teamwork throughout each deal. 

Championing Your Clients’ Successes

Having a strong real estate lawyer partnership will make your clients feel celebrated and championed. A great experience with a real estate agent, followed by a referral to an equally personable attorney, will establish trust and goodwill with clients and encourage them to return to you for any future real estate needs. 

While other attorneys may harbor a reputation for being dry, Shepard Law sets an example by engaging, communicating, and getting genuinely excited for each client as they reach important milestones like buying or selling their home. 

Crediting Agents’ Hard Work 

While many attorneys don't take the extra step to give deserved credit to their partnering agents, having a strong real estate lawyer partnership ensures that your value as an agent is always being communicated and highlighted. Shepard Law makes sure to promote the level of hard work the referring agent puts in for each client so that they can continue to see compounding success after the deal is closed.   

Making the Law Approachable 

Excellent communication skills are an asset in any industry, especially when crossing boundaries between service providers and consumers. A strong real estate lawyer partner will make the law approachable for your clients, both in the interest of transparency and as a way to build better relationships. 

Shepard Law communicates complex legal jargon and concepts, encouraging questions and ensuring buyers and sellers understand every action taken for the security of their homes. 

Informed Advice 

Great attorney communication ensures honest and informed guidance. Shepard Law gives legal advice on a case-by-case basis by explaining the client’s situation and options clearly for choices with multiple outcomes — such as pointing out tips and tricks for managing upcoming mortgage payments and practical advice regarding the latest industry scams and how to avoid them.  

An Expert Partner for Any Real Estate Deal 

Shepard Law has been celebrating and educating North Carolina real estate clients for over a decade. Our team is inspired every day by the agents who excel at the process of buying and selling homes for families all over the state. Regardless of your client’s purchasing method or the timeframe you have to meet all requirements, we hope to provide them with a foundation of trust and support, now and in all future legal transactions they might need.  

Contact the Shepard Law family today to learn more about why so many real estate agents refer us to their client bases. Don’t forget to check back in for our next article, where we’ll explore how agents can bring added value to clients by making excellent legal counsel referrals.