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We provide you with a seamless process to ensure all legal requirements are completed prior to your closing date.

Real Estate Closings
in North Carolina

Navigating a real estate transaction in the state of North Carolina is a complex process that requires  an attorney to perform the legal work involved in buying,  selling, or refinancing a home. Your attorney is responsible for completing the many steps and requirements that need to be undertaken in order to execute your home purchase, sale, or refinance on closing day.

Real Estate Services We Offer

Financed Purchases

In order to take out a mortgage on your property, the title to the property must be approved for a loan. We simplify this process for our clients by working directly with your lender to ensure the property title is clear of any issues and ready for loan approval.

Cash Purchases

The closing process for cash buyers is significantly more efficient, as it eliminates a lender from the equation. However, an attorney is still required in order to complete all the legal requirements, but the timeframe for closing is much shorter.


We work with you and your lender to streamline the process of refinancing your home loan. We ensure your title is approved for the new loan, and once all legal requirements are met, we facilitate the transition between the lenders.

Who We Work With

Home Buyers
Home Sellers
For Sale
By Owner

How We Help You Prepare for Closing Day

When you hire Shepard Law to represent you in a real estate matter, we handle the bulk of the work behind the scenes to ensure that all the legal requirements are met and all the money is collected and dispersed appropriately. Our legal team acts as a central line of communication for all parties involved in your real estate transaction.

Among the most important tasks we perform is conducting and analyzing a title search to verify your property is free and clear of any encumbrances and to identify any issues that need to be resolved prior to closing. We also prepare the closing statement showing how the money is dispersed and the amount you will need to pay on closing day. This, of course, is an oversimplified view of what needs to be done, but you can rest assured that we will handle the other details as well.

Home Buying Process

1.Gather your Information

Once your property is under contract it is time to contact our team to secure a closing date. We will give you access to our online client portal, which is where you will submit all the documentation needed to prepare for your closing. The portal simplifies the process for our clients by keeping you on pace with deadlines and allowing you to easily communicate with our legal team.

2.draft Closing documents

We run a title search and if any red flags appear, we work on curing the defects associated with your property title. We will then order title insurance based on the results of the title search, and begin preparing the closing disclosures and other documents. We will also be working with the other parties involved to collect and distribute funds and complete specific lender requirements.

3.keys to your new home

On closing day, you will come into the office to sign all the documents. After the remainder of the legal work is completed and the deed has been recorded, you will receive the keys to your new home! We work diligently to assure that it all happens as quickly and seamlessly as possible so you can get to the fun part of settling in to your new home.

Client Testimonials

"Candice and her entire staff are awesome! The legal support staff are always quick to answer my questions and offer suggestions on how to make transactions even smoother. Candice has taken time to sit down with me and talk about our business to ensure they are giving the best service in the industry. You will not regret choosing Shepard Law for your next real estate closing!!”

- Adam

"Our closing went very smooth and quick.  Everyone was very easy to work with and went above and beyond to make sure the process was completed as quickly as possible."

- Kyle

"I've had the pleasure to work with Candice Shepard and her lovely staff on multiple transactions this year.  Everyone has always been very pleasant and extremely accommodating each and every time. Her office is so warm and inviting and I'm always greeted with a smile.  I love it when I get a contract and Shepard Law is the closing attorney, I know Candice and her team will get the deal done!!"

- Heather

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