Healthcare Power of Attorney & Living Will

Predetermine your medical decisions in case of a health crisis.

What is a Healthcare Power of Attorney?

A Healthcare or Medical Power of Attorney is a legal document providing directives specific to your healthcare in the event you are too ill or injured to represent yourself in personal medical decisions. Having a Healthcare Power of Attorney will ensure your medical choices are carried out despite your inability to speak those choices at the time of a medical emergency.

The Healthcare Power of Attorney acts like a Durable Power of Attorney with the same sustainability through a crisis but is specific to healthcare or medical care decisions. The Healthcare Power of Attorney you set up will appoint a trusted person to act on your behalf and state your wishes for medical treatment in various scenarios so your family doesn’t have to make those decisions for you.

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will applies when a subject requires life support to continue living and a decision needs to be made to continue life support or allow the individual to pass. Should you ever be in a situation where this choice must be made for you, a Living Will relieves your family from this devastating decision and upholds your own predetermined answer.

Why You Need A Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will

You need a Healthcare Power of Attorney to guarantee any medical treatment you receive in a medical crisis is according to your wishes. This legal document will also help relieve your family members and healthcare providers of complicated decisions that have to be made while you are medically incapacitated and potentially facing death.

No one expects a healthcare emergency to happen to them, but setting up a Healthcare Power of Attorney can ease the emotional toll on your family and provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to help them make hard decisions about your health.

Two Components of a
Healthcare Power of Attorney


A Healthcare Power of Attorney states the person you wish to carry out your medical decisions. The agent you’ve chosen to carry out your treatment directives is legally bound to follow your stated requests.


A Living Will is often created alongside a Healthcare Power of Attorney. This document outlines your end-of-life medical care wishes so your loved ones don't have to make those decisions on their own. 

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