Special Needs Trust NC

Provide for and protect the assets of your special needs child.

What is a Special Needs Trust?

For parents of special needs children, a Special Needs Trust ensures your child will receive their inheritance without losing government benefits and protects your child’s inheritance from potential predators. A Special Needs Trust is only necessary for severe special needs situations where a child will always depend on a caretaker and/or receive government assistance.

Why You Need A Special Needs Trust for Your Child

Any parent concerned about the dispersion of estate assets to a special needs child who is severely physically or cognitively limited can set up a special needs trust to ensure appropriate handling of the estate inheritance to the child after their passing. A Special Needs Trust is used to make sure an inheritance does not impede the child’s continued receipt of government assistance as well as protects them from being taken advantage of due to their new ownership of the inheritance. You may set up a Special Needs Trust in addition to a Revocable Living Trust should you need the Revocable Living Trust for other beneficiaries.

When to Set Up a
Special Needs Trust


As your child approaches 18, a special needs trust will ensure any inheritance or other gifts they receive can provide for them without impeding government benefits.


While it is never too soon to estate plan and set up trusts for beneficiaries, it is especially important as your assets increase.


A Special Needs Trust can easily be set up as you do your estate planning to properly prepare for a special needs beneficiary.

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