With Shepard Law, Real Estate Clients Are in Good Hands


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Finding appropriate legal referrals is an essential step for real estate professionals to build trusting, long-lasting relationships with their clients. Individuals and families buying, selling, or refinancing a home have a lot on their minds and hearts during these exciting but potentially stressful changes. 

When vetting legal referral options, agents in North Carolina should seek to provide their clients with full-bodied professional and emotional support — now and in the future. Enter Shepard Law: a premier referral partner for any North Carolina real estate agent. By introducing our team to your clients, you empower them with caring, compassionate, and comprehensive service from the beginning of any purchase, sale, or refinance process through closing — and beyond. 

Read on to learn more about the mission and methodology that makes Shepard Law an excellent real estate law referral. 

The Commitment Your Clients Deserve  

Your mission as a dedicated real estate agent is to provide your clients with the services and tools they need for a successful purchase, sale, or refinance experience. North Carolina Law requires attorney involvement in these processes, but what does it really mean to put clients “in good hands” when it comes to legal representation? 

Defining this standard can be tricky when working with real estate attorneys. Ideally, these key players will take into account each individual client’s specific worries, needs, and challenges — but with some firms, these crucial interpersonal connections can fall through the cracks. 

Shepard Law stands apart from the competition by showing up for your clients and their families professionally and emotionally in several key ways:     

Open Arms, Open Hearts 

The human approach to legal representation is a core value that comes naturally to Shepard Law because we treat clients like we would our own families. Our team seeks to emulate the sacredness and security of the home for every real estate client who walks through our door.

While the steps that go into buying or selling a home may involve stress or uncertainty, we do our utmost to ensure the legal process is not one of those stressors by fostering a culture of joy during these exciting life changes. 

Resonating With Family Challenges 

Matters of the home are also most often matters of the heart. Shepard Law recognizes each family situation as unique and important, and we are prepared to accommodate any challenge with compassion and empathy — whether your client may be facing a recent death or separation in the family, financial concerns, or any other issue. 

The definition of down-to-earth, our attorneys go beyond timely and consistent communication by being genuinely easy to talk to about anything your clients may be dealing with. We see, and care for, the person behind the legal transaction.  

Sharing Our Depth of Knowledge

Shepard Law possesses unparalleled expertise surrounding the complex real estate law processes necessary to complete a home purchase or sale in North Carolina. We work behind the scenes to communicate among all parties involved in the transaction, complete the title search of the property, and draft the closing statement to ensure funds are exchanged and dispersed appropriately — but we don’t stop there. 

Our attorneys believe that no client should go through the legal process without understanding the steps involved. Informed legal decision-making is a must in our books, so rather than just working behind closed doors and showing up at the end with paperwork to sign, we provide ongoing communication in approachable terms to each buyer or seller. We focus on maintaining transparency so your clients can be empowered with up-to-date information in all of their real estate transactions.     

One Community, One Family 

Here at Shepard Law, we understand our responsibility to give back to the community that we love. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing flexible real estate law solutions to veterans, first responders, police officers, and other key service providers who work tirelessly to protect and strengthen our community. We do our part to make buying, selling, or refinancing a home an exciting and stress-free time for these heroes and their families by:

  • Providing discounts at the point of purchase. 

  • Tackling the unique concerns and challenges they face in real estate transactions, as well as other legal areas like estate planning. 

  • Understanding the various different products available to our heroes and explaining the intricacies of those products.

A Lifetime of Service 

Real estate professionals have the unique opportunity to connect with clients on an interpersonal level and maintain communication for a lifetime of home purchases and sales. Likewise, Shepard Law is committed to providing real estate clients with a lifetime of legal representation — so that when children are ready to leave the nest and find a home of their own, or when parents are ready to downsize, both the client and their family will have the resources and support they need to move forward.  

Contact Shepard Law today to begin your real estate partnership journey. And don’t miss our final installment in this article series, where we’ll speak directly to some of Shepard Law’s trusted real estate partners and showcase their experiences working with our team.