How the Shepard Law Family Helps You Buy Your First Home


Quality legal counsel can make all the difference in some of life’s biggest moments. With a talented team that leads with joy and the ability to see years down the road, Shepard Law is committed to being by your side and in your corner during these milestones. We’ll explore our role in your exciting journey in this new blog series, starting with what is often our first step with new clients — helping them close on their first home purchase. Read on to learn how we empower soon-to-be homeowners. 

What to Know When Buying Your First Home  

Receiving the keys to your very own home is an exciting and joyful occasion — but the process of getting there can seem scary and overwhelming, especially if it’s uncharted territory for you. As potentially the largest and one of the most important investments of your life, buying your first home roots you and your family in the community in a way that you may never have experienced before.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone! Shepard Law works with first-time homebuyers from all stages of life, including many young clients who are ready to experience home ownership for the first time. This new step often comes with hopes of starting a family or building generational wealth for their loved ones. As mothers and daughters with homes and families of our own, we’re no strangers to the responsibility that comes with the reward. 

The key is to find a team that can handle the legalities of your purchase – and celebrate this momentous occasion – with equal enthusiasm. Shepard Law will make embarking on this journey and preparing for your closing day a smooth process from start to finish.

The Real Estate Law Toolkit

From organizing and facilitating all of the required legal documentation to becoming a central line of communication for everyone involved in the purchase, Shepard Law takes as much weight off your shoulders as possible in preparation for your closing date. Here are some of the tools and resources we offer our clients:


  • Ask Questions With Ease: Shepard Law’s online client portal provides one simple platform for easy, secure, and seamless communication. The portal houses all the documentation needed to prepare for your closing, and makes the process of gathering this information as stress-free as possible. Keep track of deadlines and ask questions at any point in the homebuying process, all in one place.  

  • A Team Effort: While technology works wonders for clients, nothing beats human connection. Shepard Law’s client success team ensures that every soon-to-be homeowner feels supported and heard. 

  • Streamlined Purchase: A paralegal is assigned to each Shepard Law client to help organize their information and prepare them for all upcoming legal transactions, relieving stress and expediting the purchase process as much as possible (so you can focus on settling into your new home!).  

Mentoring Young Homeowners 

Once the title search is completed, any outstanding issues are resolved, and the initial payments are set, it’s time to finally close on the home. But when Shepard Law reaches the closing table with our client, we’re not just there to walk through paperwork. After all, a home purchase is just the first step in a long journey of making impactful decisions about your property, finances, and family. 

Shepard Law goes the extra mile with all new homebuyers, including young adults who can often benefit from the experience-based advice many of us wish we’d received from our own attorneys at this life stage — not just in the legal realm, but in all facets of a homeowner’s life. We have plenty of helpful tips and hints to share with you that will make paying off home loans, gaining financial confidence, and planning for the future easier.

Because we partner with real estate professionals throughout North Carolina, Shepard Law knows how to work hand-in-hand with your agent for efficiency and communication at every step. We’ll equip you with questions to ask your realtor when buying your first home to make the process as smooth as possible. We’ll also clue you in on the best time for a refinance down the road. As always, no question is unanswerable — we are here to help you or to direct you to the best resource for whatever way you need.    

A Partner for Life 

Real estate attorneys may be required by law in North Carolina, but with the right legal team, this obligation can create valuable opportunities through all the stages of your life. Working with Shepard Law isn’t a one-and-done transaction — it's a partnership that will extend long after you close on the home of your dreams. 

In addition to offering tips for buying your first home and getting you to your closing date as easily and quickly as possible, Shepard Law stands ready as a caring partner for all those milestones yet to come. Our extensive experience providing legal services for clients just like you allows us to see years down the road to the other exciting opportunities we can be there to help with. 

We want you to be wrapped up in the excitement of the moment, and we’ll gladly celebrate with you — all that we ask is that you let us continue to work by your side for the future. Our attorneys are ready to be an ongoing support for you, and for our relationship to grow along with your family, life, and career. Contact Shepard Law today through our website, or give us a call to learn more about joining the family. And keep an eye out for the next article in this series, where we’ll delve into the many facets of estate planning and how Shepard Law helps clients through this process.

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