Candice L. Shepard was born in the Midwest, attending the University of Illinois earning her undergraduate degree in Communications and the University of Iowa for her Juris Doctorate.  She moved with her family to North Carolina in 2006 for her husband’s job and is now completely converted to the Southern way of living! 

Candice began her career as a litigator in the Kansas City area, practicing in criminal law, first as a prosecutor and then as defense counsel, as well as Juvenile Justice, Child in Need of Care, and Domestic Violence issues.  Since starting a family and moving to North Carolina, Candice has chosen to practice in the areas of Real Estate Property and Estate Planning.

Candice is a dedicated attorney, wife, and mother.  She lives with her husband, four children, a German Shepherd and two cats in Harrisburg, where kids’ and church activities fill the remainder of her non-work hours.

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